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Author: Jörg Angeli

Snowparkfinder.com is a new online tool for searching snowparks (terrain parks) worldwide. If you want to get some background information about this project and its features please click on
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Snowparkfinder.com is now finally online. We worked the whole summer on this new project and are now very happy to show you the result. Let's start with the two main features and some background information on why we started with this.

Main Features

The most important feature is of course the Google Map with all the locations from snowparks worldwide. We already have the largest terrain park database (as far as we know) on the internet and are still working on adding new ones. You can search for addresses just like you are used to it from the "normal" Google Maps and then look for snowparks in that region. If you typed in a specific address the radius feature will be enabled. You can adjust the value of it at the bottom left corner. With this features you can search for snowparks in a specific radius near an address.

Snowparks around Innsbruck (Austria) within a radius of 50km

Snowparks around Innsbruck (Austria) within a radius of 50km

The second main features is the linkage of every snowpark with its social media profiles. We are using the interfaces of the most important networks to build a individual detail page for every location. The goal is to provide you with the best and latest information about the current conditions, current setup, surrounding area and other important information. Of course we also have links to the official website of the resort and (if available) to a specific snowpark site.

We are supporting the following social media networks:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram

The best information is available if the snowpark has its own profiles and hashtag. If this is not the case the next best solution is to include the general sites of the resort. Usualley they are also publishing information about their snowpark if they don't have seperate accounts.


The marker on the map always points to the nearest valley station of the snowpark. On the profile page you can calculate different routes by typing the start address in the textfield and then click on "
Get Route".

Calculate route to snowpark
Route from Innsbruck to Stubai Zoo

You can also open the map in fullscreen mode to get a better overview and browse the map more comfortable.


Video are usually very important for snowboarders and freeskiers if they gather information about a specific snowpark. We currently fully support vimeo and are working on a better integration of youtube. You can add vimeo accounts or vimeo channels for every terrain park. These sources will be updated twice a day. So if the snowpark has its own account and uploads new videos to it, they will be automatically added to the profile page and the video blog.

Additionally you can also add videos manually from vimeo and youtube. This features is only available for registered users and can be reached by the "
Add Video" Button at the top right corner of each snowparks detail page.

We are currently working on a better youtube support. You will be able to add youtube playlists and youtube accounts for each snowpark soon. They also will be updated twice a day automatically.

Videos from Big Boulder Park
Videos from Big Boulder Park

More Features

But that's not all. We have some more features which are quite nice.

If you want to explore the surrounding area of a resort you can right-click anywhere on the main map and select "
Find Instagram Locations" from the context menu. A script then searches for known places around the location where you clicked. The radius is always 5km. Through this you are able to find a lot more pictures from the surrounding area.

Instagram Location near Snowpark Kaunertal
Instagram Location near Snowpark Kaunertal

If you want to jump to a specific country directly you can select one from all available nations with at least one snowpark from the dropdown at the bottom left corner.

Another nice feature is the snow forecast overlayer which is however only available for the United States and south Canada. It shows the snowfall accumulation in inches during a period of 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours. It can be accessed under the map options at the top right corner of the main map. The data is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We are working on a similar service for other regions.

Snow Forecast for Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee
Snow Forecast for Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee

Among the map options you can also find checkboxes to toggle the weather and cloud layer from google as well as links to our social media profiles.

Of course you can also add new snowparks. You don't have to be registered for that and it is very easy. The only information which is mandatory are the name of the snowpark, in which country it is located and the coordinates of the valley station. If you can't find your local snowpark in our database then please fill out the form or send us an email and we will add it. Our goal is to create the best and largest snowpark database available.

The last feature we want to introduce you today is Google Photo Sphere. This is a new product from google which enables people to create their own Street View-like panoramas. This works very good for snowparks because you can "walk" through the park just like you know it from Google Street View. It is a very nice possibility to explore the terrain of the snowpark. Unfortunately the images are usually not very up-to-date so this is more like a "that's how our park looks like in the best case" thing but still pretty nice as you can see for example at the Snowpark Ice Mountain.

Google Photo Sphere at the Snowpark Ice Mountain
Google Photo Sphere at the Snowpark Ice Mountain

We have A LOT of ideas for the future to make this site more usefull and we hope that you are as excited as we are about this new project. Please support us and share it on your circle of friends. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us or write something in our community.


That's it for now. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.